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4 Reasons Why Investing in Property is Better

4 Reasons Why Investing in Property is Better

The questions of whether or not property is the best investment you can make has been around a long time and most experts tend to lean towards it being the better option. However, people seldom look at why this is so.

If you’re looking to invest but aren’t sure where to put your money, here are four reasons why investing in property is better.

Property is an imperfect market
According to investment insiders, if you’re looking to invest you want to invest into an imperfect market. Investopedia defines an imperfect market as a market where information is not quickly disclosed to all participants in it and where the matching of buyers and sellers isn’t immediate. What this means is that you are more likely to be able to buy an investment below its true value, or sell it above its true value because the information, contacts and expertise you have as an individual will help you get an insider’s edge.

You can add value to your property
When you invest in something like shares, the fate of their value is out of your control and lies with how the company performs. On the other hand, you can control the value of your investment property by buying into a good community like Phoenix Villas, conducting regular maintenance or performing renovations.

Property values are less volatile than shares
According to business insiders, residential property is the only investment market not dominated by investors. This effectively gives investors a built-in safety net, meaning that even if all the investors were to pull out of the market at once, it would not totally collapse.

Property is a tangible asset
Property is something you can see, feel and use. Stocks aren’t even pieces of paper anymore, but rather represented by ticker symbols and numbers. When the world comes to an end or crisis strikes, you can seek shelter in your property – so wouldn’t it be wise to invest your money there?

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