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4 Need to Know Facts about Outdoor Flooring

4 Need to Know Facts about Outdoor Flooring

Outdoor spaces have a great impact on your property value and desirability. No matter the size of your patio or terrace, the type of flooring you install can make a difference to your overall experience of the space; so choose wisely.

  1. Foundation and Ground Surface

Choosing your outdoor flooring is just as important as choosing your indoor flooring. Start with the foundation and ensure you have a solid base and sub-layers beneath your floor.

Critical factors to consider before installing outdoor flooring are whether the ground is solid, the layers present under the surface and if there is any moisture in the soil.

  1. Exposure to Seasons and Weather Elements

There are different options for flooring that can withstand harsh weather, heat, and humidity. The climate and the exposure to elements will affect the type of outdoor surface that is optimal for installation.

Choose water and weather-resistant materials like ceramic tiles. Opt for anti-slip and rougher textures for tiles close to jacuzzis and pools. Concrete and composite flooring are popular options for weather-resistant surfaces.

If the flooring is not exposed to water, consider vinyl tiles, plywood or hardwood.

  1. Floor Location

In the same way the choice of paint colours can impact the overall look of a room, lighting and colour can have a major influence on your choice of exterior flooring.

Tiles, for example, can lighten or darken your outdoor space, depending on its colour tones. Darker tiles work in well-lit areas, whereas a lighter option is preferable in a darker space.

The location and the positioning of your terrace or patio, whether it is well-lit, in the shade, or in a sunny area, will determine the best choices.

  1. Options and Budgets

The installation cost of the outdoor flooring contributes to a large part of the overall costs. Outdoor flooring comes in different types and pricing options, and a price comparison is highly recommended.

Research price differences between different materials, textures, and quality options. High-quality options are more expensive but come with extended warranties and last much longer than cheaper alternatives.

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