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4 Creative Ways to Add Lighting to Your Patio and Garden

4 Creative Ways to Add Lighting to Your Patio and Garden

Lighting is the easiest way to spruce up spaces and achieve that ‘wow’ décor effect. Give your patio and garden a magical look by adding clever lighting combinations.

  1. Use String Lights for Elegant Lighting

Perfect for outdoor, string lights are versatile, small enough to spread out easily, and come in a wonderful variety and styles.

No longer just for parties, weddings and other open-air celebrations, string lights add glamour to any garden with minimum effort.

  1. Decorate Plants and Trees with Lights

Trees and shrubs are perfect canvases for displaying lights. Hanging out lights or placing candles around the trees will create a beautiful setting.

There are plenty creative ways to go about it, by using fairy lights, candles or jar lights. Hang lights in the branches, and don’t be afraid to mix and match different shades and styles.

  1. Light up Candles and Torches

Add a romantic glow with candles and torches, a popular option for outdoor spaces. Place torches around the pool or your seating area for a great illuminating effect.

Candles are ideal to set the mood, and citronella candles can also be used to repel mosquitos.

  1. Play with Mason Jar Lights

Mason jars of all sizes are becoming more popular as lighting options. They make excellent containers for lightbulbs and even candles and are extremely versatile.

If you are looking for a fun, quirky atmosphere, use mason jars as a base for your lighting installation. From soft glowing candlelit effect to colourful jar string installations, be creative and original in your choices.

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