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4 Awesome Outdoor Bathroom Design Ideas

4 Awesome Outdoor Bathroom Design Ideas

Bathrooms are a sacred space, a space for you to relax, escape from the rest of the world and revive your soul. Tropical outdoor bathrooms provide a spa-like experience and feature loads of plants and elements that remind us of the beach or an Asian style. Consider these awesome 7 Outdoor Bathroom Design Ideas in various colour and styles.

  1. Make use of your existing backyard plants

Make use of tropical plants and then create an outdoor bath that has a feeling of seclusion and serenity by surrounding your space with a subtropical garden. Make use of a sculpture to partially screen the bath which is built onto a simple timber platform so that water can drain freely into the garden surrounds.

  1. Reuse old baths and fittings

Recycling materials is not only a very economical way to add an outdoor bath to your garden, it also makes sense from a design point of view in this case, as the old claw-foot bath suits the traditional architecture of the house and its beach location. Fairy lights in the tree and an old log for a side table add to the charm of this outdoor area.

  1. Incorporate stone or bamboo materials

This creates a delightful outdoor shower screened by utilizing outdoor natural materials. Design the floor that is made from pebble and concrete design to pave the floor.

  1. Use materials that suit your house style and location

What could be more appropriate than that of a beach garden and outdoor shower surrounded by a corrugated metal screen and luscious foliage? Place beach sand amongst the foliage spaced out with some beautiful pebbles. Also consider climbers trained on wires overhead create a sense of green lushness and a little shade.

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