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30 Ways to Live Large in a Small Space Part 2

30 Ways to Live Large in a Small Space Part 2

Just because you live in a small apartment doesn’t mean you can’t think big in terms of living. Welcome to Part 2 of our list of 30 ideas for making the most of what you’ve got and optimising your living space.

16. Sunlight
Use skylights to add light and space to a room. Forget about those old-fashioned skylights and think big – make an entire roof panel of glass and use a roller blind to cover at night, if necessary.

17. Open storage
Open shelving and cabinets creates a feeling of depth and draws the eye upwards, creating a feeling of height and extra space. As an added bonus, you’ll be forced to be more organised!

18. Create the illusion of vertical space
By choosing low-sitting furniture and complementing this with high-placed wall decoration, you’ll create an illusion of vertical space – increased square in an instant!

19. Reinvent the closet
Use hanging rods, old-fashioned clothing railing or anything else creatively to hang your favourite pieces of clothing. This increases clothing space while adding a quirky touch to your décor and opening up your bedroom space.

20. Be colourwise
Use light, neutral and natural colors to add an illusion of space, with a pop of color here or there to add accents and break the main colour, adding focal points and roominess.

21. Retractable pantry drawers
Use this clever storage trick for small appliances. These are often bulky and heavy, making it difficult to lift and store in cupboards. This way, you simply pull the drawer out, use the appliance and away it goes!

22. Keep it simple
By using simple materials and clean lines in your house, you don’t overcomplicate the senses and create a sense of simplicity. Go back to basics such as classic cement walls and floors.

23. … but also be true to yourself
Keep it quaint and eclectic – this doesn’t immediately mean cluttered. Lines and colours can be kept simple without feeling sterile and compromising on individuality.

24. Unexpected storage
Under the stairs isn’t the only space in the house that can be used as an unexpected storage space. Look at all the nooks and crannies in your house and see which ones can be used as storage space with a bit of creativity and imagination. Never underestimate the power of a hidden sliding cupboard.

25. Bookshelf doorways
Build a bookshelf around a doorway – or even a cupboard. This makes use of space that is often wasted. Use light colours and lightening to make sure the room does not end up dark and gloomy.

26. Lofted bedrooms
By using your space inventively, you can raise a bed and create a mini-loft in which to sleep, with closet space underneath. For the less adventurous, pick a bed (and other furniture such as ottomans and window seats) with built in storage space to add more space to the house.

27. Look differently at load-bearing elements
Post and beam homes often sacrifices space and airiness. By being clever ad using those elements as storage space and changing their appearance, you can lose those pesky walls and get added storage space.

28. Breakfast bar
Forget about the kitchen table and install a breakfast bar infront of a window or against a spare wall – it’s simple and quick, and can be done in a day. The breakfast bar can serve as space to store appliances as well, e.g. a kettle, and shelving higher up against the wall will create more storage space and the illusion of height, creating a feeling of space.

29. Try a three-fourths tub
By converting your shower area into a three-quarter tub, you add a bath (albeit not a big one) that is great for kids and provides seating when used as a shower.

30. White room
We’ve established that lighter colours create a sense of openness and space, so go all out and do an entire room in white. Use textures and materials to create contrast and sophistication.

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