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3 Ways to Improve Your Home Office Space

3 Ways to Improve Your Home Office Space

A classic home office needn’t be boring or dated. Get adventurous with the décor to complement the functional furniture. We look at some interesting ways to spruce up your personal working space.

  1. Get Creative and Personal with the Décor and Vibe

Firstly, make sure your designated workspace is away from busy areas and daily happenings of your home as much as possible, to avoid major distractions. Then focus on giving the space the ambience it needs for you to develop your work. It is about giving your best.

A home office can have a more home-feel vibe than a work office, which lets you exercise extra-creativity when it comes to décor, as it becomes an extension of your personal space – unlike a formal, corporate environment.

For example, customised wall-to-floor shelving can add a dramatic effect and express your individuality and preferences. Also, your desk needs to represent your style.

Unlike most traditional offices, at-home storage space can be funky and light-hearted. Colour-coded stationery and accessories add a great decorative effect and keep your desk looking sleek.

  1. Surround Yourself with Art that Inspires Work

Gone are the days of being surrounded by tattered books, voluminous storage cabinets, and thick black files. Introduce personality to your home office with favourite pieces, beautiful books and memorabilia. It is your personal creative space after all.

Top your desk with pieces that inspire you, beautifully-framed photography, and items collected from your travels or antiques passed from generation to generation. Showcase only a few favourites to avoid unnecessary clutter.

There are plenty of ways to personalise your desk. Stack books and papers neatly, choose jars and vases to keep pencils and pens, colour-code, or go for a monochromatic effect. Add some interest with art and photo display galleries or a chalkboard wall for brainstorming sessions and inspiring quotes.

  1. Add Sophisticated Ambient Lighting and Greenery

Natural light and amazing views are a great boost for your inspiration and productivity. But even in their presence or absence, complement your space with sophisticated ambient light.

Contemporary lamp desks and high-tech designs are a great choice right on trend, while statement chandeliers and pendant lighting can lend drama and glamour to the office room.

Opt for organic and natural touches with potted plants and indoor greenery, especially if your office is not benefiting from green surroundings or beautiful nature views.

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