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3 Ways to Decorate with White

3 Ways to Decorate with White

White is the colour of choice for coastal homes and seaside apartments. But used correctly, it can freshen any home and give dated rooms a contemporary and sophisticated look.

  1. Select the Ideal White Shades

Forget about white as being the safe and boring option in decorating. White has many shades, each with different undertones, and it is important to select a colour palette that complements your home.

Start by looking at the light conditions around your property. Generally, whites with a red or yellow undertone add warmth and brightness to darker and colder rooms, while bluish-toned whites suit rooms that receive a lot of sunlight.

Also, limit yourself to one or two complementary shades of white to bring cohesion to the space. It is highly recommended to seek the opinion of a specialist interior designer to build up your white scheme.

  1. Introduce Texture and Warmth

Organic materials work well in white rooms.  Add warm touches of timber, logs, and wicker. These will bring your white décor scheme to life and add layers of depth and visual interest. Natural wood, woven furniture, and textured rugs are ideal partners for a white backdrop.

Choose and repeat patterns, shapes, and textures to create continuity in the rooms. Take it further by playing with different textures and combining shiny with matt finishes, and soft silk and velvet with linen fabrics.

  1. Add Contrasting Elements

A white-based scheme will benefit from introducing other neutral colours. Combine white with grey, taupe, or charcoal accents. You can easily introduce contrast with furniture items like side tables or headboards, or accessories such as scatter cushions.

Finally, spruce up the clean and neutral white look with different elements such as concrete and glass. Introduce metals, e.g. silver and copper tones to harden the soft colour scheme and give your place a contemporary and industrial edge.

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