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3 Questions to Ask Before Building a Custom Home

3 Questions to Ask Before Building a Custom Home

Building your own home, although exciting, can be a stressful experience if not handled correctly. There are so many factors to take into consideration when one is designing a home, rather than merely purchasing one that is already built.

If you are considering building your dream home in Richfield Lifestyle Estate, here are three questions to ask yourself before embarking on this fascinating journey.

Is it better for me to build a home or buy an existing one?

Sometimes people fall in love with the idea of building a home more than they actually enjoy building the home. Are you aware of everything that goes into building a home? Are you someone who can commit to the process? Make sure you are looking at all your options without fixating on building for the sake of building if you want to avoid an unpleasant experience.

Can I afford this home if interest rates go up before I take possession?

Building a new home takes time and in many cases, you may not have a guaranteed end date so take a comprehensive look at your personal finances and discuss your financing options with a mortgage professional. This will ensure that you’ve factored in any potential rate increases before the possession date.

What are my expectations with this new home?

Are you looking for a custom home build where you are responsible for every single decision made or do you want to choose an existing floor plan and build a house that is almost entirely predetermined for you? Perhaps you want a mix. Whatever you decide make sure your level of involvement is crystal clear from the start.

From young couples and singles starting out on the property ladder to families and those wanting a retirement pad for two, deciding to build your own home will be your best decision yet.

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