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3 Overlooked Things When Shopping for Carpets

3 Overlooked Things When Shopping for Carpets

While porcelain tiles, laminate flooring or hardwood are increasingly popular, a luxurious carpet is a great choice that will add softness and warmth to your space.

Colour, texture, and functionality are all important when choosing a carpet, but there are still a few factors most buyers miss out when making the purchase.

Consider these three practical tips next time you go carpet shopping:

  1. Invest in a Good Underlay

A good carpet needs that extra layer of padding to provide strength, durability, extra cushioning and support. Aside from providing these, carpet underlays will conceal any imperfection in the subfloor.

Although it stays underneath and is not visible, most buyers neglect to factor in the underlay. Not opting for an underlay leads to unwanted wear and tear over the long term.

Extra benefits of adding an underlay to your carpet are the increased resistance for foot traffic and furniture, and sound and noise insulation.

Talk to your carpet supplier about underlay options. Requirements will differ according to carpet functionality and flooring condition.

  1. Pay Attention to the Seams

Carpets differ in texture, style, and size, but one thing is sure to get overlooked, no matter the choice: the seams.

The line formed by the joining together of two pieces of material at their edges, common in large-sized carpets, is often unavoidable, but its appearance can be minimised.

The truth is that achieving an invisible carpet seam requires skilled craftsmanship and experience. Discuss the options with your carpet installer to minimise the effect of visible seams.

  1. Factor in Additional Costs

 Always do your research and request a comprehensive quote which includes the cost of the materials and the installation.

Measure the flooring space you want to cover with the carpet (length and width) to get the costs as accurately as possible.

After doing the calculations, it is highly recommended to add an extra 10% to the square metres of carpeting purchased to provide for any room irregularities and hiding seams.

The extra size helps to keep and maintain a uniform appearance for your carpet.

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