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3 Non-negotiables When Buying a Residential Plot

3 Non-negotiables When Buying a Residential Plot

Buying a residential plot to build your dream home is an exhilarating prospect for any homeowner. Make the process easier by looking at a few essential factors while visiting the site.

Check Location and Neighbourhood

Location is perhaps the most important aspect of the selection process. Firstly decide what placement is better for your family, e.g., in a large residential estate.

The advantage of buying in a residential estate is the availability of serviced plots which are already connected to vital infrastructure and ready to be built on.

Canvas the neighbourhood where the vacant plot is situated and think about how the area could develop in the coming years. You are buying into a specific lifestyle and community, not just the land itself.

Think Access to Infrastructure and Amenities

Consider the proximity to public roads, major traffic arteries, and possibly public transport routes when deciding on the ideal home location.

Enquire about access to infrastructure – water, electricity, and sanitation. For example, serviced plots in residential estates provide these connections.

An easily accessible location with quick connection to utility networks also helps with the building process.

Finally, factor in the proximity to facilities important to you, such as shopping centres, hospitals, and schools. Check to see what the residential estate has to offer if you are going this route.

Know Your Building Limitations

Building on your chosen residential plot may be subject to restrictions and limitations depending on the location, proximity to natural surroundings such as river or lakes.

There may also be other administrative and legal considerations. Always check the rules and restrictions when building on a plot in a residential estate.

Enquire with the developer and architect about the plot usage and building requirements to ensure you are happy with the result.

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