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3 Mega Trends in Global Real Estate Developments

3 Mega Trends in Global Real Estate Developments

There has never been a more exciting phase in the global evolution of real estate developments than in the past decade. New concepts have taken the market by storm, fuelled by a more open and collaborative different way of living and working.

Here is our pick of the mega-industry trends that are here to stay:

  1. Mixed-use Residential Developments

Inclusive city living at its best, mixed-use developments marry modern homes and apartments with the proximity of collaborative working spaces, entertainment, retail therapy, and lifestyle amenities like restaurants and coffee shops, sports grounds, clubhouses, and gyms.

Property developers are constantly looking for innovative ways to maximise the lifestyle benefits conveyed to demanding residents, and add a differentiating factor in the process.

Examples include attractive services such as beauty and spa, pet grooming, and gourmet supermarkets with packaged foods on display for those who rarely cook.

  1. Co-working Office Spaces

A different approach to work in the shared economy resulted in new opportunities in the commercial real estate markets: co-working offices ideally suited for tech business owners to serve mobile working demands.

Trendy co-working spaces offer the possibility of conducting business and network with like-minded people in an open setting without sacrificing the benefits of renting traditional office space, and at a fraction of the cost.

Co-working spaces provide modern open-plan desk space and on-demand access to amenities like meeting boardrooms, cafeterias and lounges, reception services and high-speed connectivity.

  1. High-end Lounges and Hotel-style Facilities

The latest updates in apartment living focus on the amenities offered outside the private apartment space. These facilities are becoming more sophisticated to cater for various tastes.

City residents now opt for smaller living spaces, outset by a demand for common area space and hotel-style lounges where residents can meet and relax, and business owners can work or meet clients without having to rent office space.

More importantly, technology and shifting social trends continue to be the economic driver for city living worldwide. Younger workers increasingly prefer to live and work in cities, unlike previous generations who aspired to a home in the suburbs.

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