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2019 Home construction trends forecast

2019 Home construction trends forecast

As 2018 comes to a close, everyone starts to feel the potential and excitement of the coming new year, especially when it comes to new developments and trends. Africa is certainly not standing back when it comes to design and trends, positioning itself as a global style icon. As a growing global power, Africa in 2019 will be partaking in international trends, while still putting its own unique spin on things. For 2019, we predict a few new developments in the world of architecture. Keep an eye out for these hot home trends:

Eco-conscious design

Sustainability and environmental impact awareness have been huge in 2018, and we predict that this will spill over into home design in 2019. The cost has been a crucial concern regarding sustainable building, but with eco-friendly materials set to become more affordable, sustainable construction is gaining ground. Sustainable materials, like bamboo, recycled plastic and straw bales,  paired with non-toxic solutions seem set to become de rigueur in the 2019 season.


With its chic and edgy industrial feel, concrete is set to make a big come-back in 2019. Easy to maintain, energy efficient, subtle yet impressive; concrete has a host of benefits that will power its popularity.

Clean lines and open spaces

Contemporary design is moving towards cleaner lines and bright, open spaces. With fewer hallways and wasted space, this trend is the perfect way to utilise smaller areas.

Black styled windows

Black, contemporary and clean windows are set to be the hot window trend of 2019, a throwback to turn of the century industrial spaces, now redefined and modernised for contemporary consumers.


The 1970’s archway door is set for a comeback, reinvented for entrance ways and hallways.

Statement ceilings

Awe-inspiring ceilings are the surprising trend set to make waves in 2019, turning ordinary ceiling spaces into something extraordinary. Paintwork, wooden structures and digital imagery are forecast to be the materials of choice for this trend.

We can’t wait to see how architectural trends play out in the coming year, and we hope to see African (and especially Ghanaian!) architecture make its mark on the world in 2019.

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