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2019 Design Trends

2019 Design Trends

2018 is nearing its end and designers across the world are looking at the top trends that will dominate the interior design scene in 2019.

While changing your home to keep up with the trends every few years can be a costly affair, this can be possible if you stick to a few staple items and then change a few things around each season.

Some of the trends we can look forward to next year are as follows:


Taking its cue from Scandinavian interiors, natural light woods will be popular next year. These will give rooms, especially kitchens, a more relaxed feel.

Going Green

Plants will continue to make a big appearance especially after Pantone released its top colour as being Sage Green. Coming in the form of both real and fake plants, pillows and throws, this colour can be incorporated into almost every part of your home. However, use it sparingly as you don’t want to overwhelm yourself or your guests.

Earthy Colours

This trend is staying consistent with the natural themes of lighter woods and the green plants. Beige has often been called boring but expect to see a lot more of this colour next year together with the various shades of browns and greens.


With all the earth tones making an appearance, it may come as a surprise that matte black is also a colour that’s on designers’ radars. It might seem too depressing to some people, but instead of going all out with black walls, you can incorporate this colour with small changes like a black door or lampshade.

Ethnic and Tribal Patterns

You can use designs, furniture and decoration from one of the many tribes in Ghana or you can use patterns from your tribe to display your pride while still showing off your unique style.

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