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Finding Eco-Friendly Furniture for your Luxury Home – Part 1

Finding Eco-Friendly Furniture for your Luxury Home – Part 1

The eco-friendly movement is huge and more and more people are trying to incorporate “green” practices into their lifestyles every day to do their part for the planet. The concept of eco-friendly furniture has been around for a while but is slowly starting to gain more traction as designers create pieces that appeal to the tastes of a wider audience.

If you’re interested in adding an eco-friendly touch to your décor these two-part tips should help you make sure your luxurious furniture choices are indeed “green”.

Look for Sustainable Wood Furniture
If you’re going for wood furniture try and make sure the wood is sustainable. Sustainable wood is grown and harvested in eco-friendly forests and usually comes from tree species that are fast-growing. If you can, try and avoid exotic woods like African Blackwood, also known as Mpingo, Wenge, Murbau, Sapelee, Ebony, Brazilean Mahogany, Burmese teak and teak in general because these wood types are endangered.

Buy Low-Toxicity Furniture
Next time you’re out buying a piece of furniture consider the finish it has on it. Certain wood, metal and glass pieces can contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from the varnish, paint or finish used on them. This is bad news because regardless of the type of material your furniture is made of it is releases substances into the air, a process known as offgassing. If you want to improve the air quality in your home avoid pieces with synthetic materials or those that have been treated with synthetic chemicals.

Buy Local
There are so many benefits to buying local. For starters you’re feeding money back into the economy and supporting local business people. Buying local also means that you are reducing any environmental impact associated with shipping. This is because many furniture pieces may have bits and pieces that have been sourced from all over the world before they are assembled. A good place to source locally produced furniture is at craft fairs, local newspapers and classified ad sites.

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