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Money In Property

Money In Property

Take a look at the Times top 100 rich list and you’ll see that the vast majority of millionaires have made their money through property. Even in recent years as the economic environment proves challenging for many businesses, property investors are still turning a profit from their efforts. If you’re interested in understanding how this can be done this site aims to give you the knowledge you need to start your property buying journey.

Like any business property investing carries a certain amount of risk and there are plenty of sacrifices you’ll need to make on order to reap the rewards that a successful investor can enjoy; like financial freedom, a great lifestyle and financial security.


Being a property investor is not for everyone. You need drive and commitment that can prove exhausting for many. But if you can become meticulous in your research, tenacious in your buying & planning and focused in your build you’ll see amazing results.



Buying through an estate agent is less risky than an auction as you have time to do your research and you’re not contractually committed once you make an offer. If you’ve identified an area to research get to know the estate agents. Be their friend, you’ll need them on your side. Pretty soon you’ll get all the properties in your price range.


We use to think that to be a good negotiator you had to be arrogant and a bit of a bully but experience has taught us that these people don’t get that far. The best negotiators and deal makers are the guys who know the market the best. Knowledge really is power. The best investment you can make right now is to understand the marketplace you’re about to buy into better than anyone else. This way when it comes to negotiating the best deal you’ll come out on top.


Once your purchase is completed you’ll need to make a decision – should I rent or sell? This will all depend on your marketplace at the time. If your market has seen significant growth you might be tempted to sell and realise the profit of a growing market and the value you’ve added to the property. However, if you’ve not seen a rise but the rental market offers a good return you could be tempted to find a tenant that will start paying off your debts.


We have not mentioned financing your project here and this is clearly a major factor in property investment. For those of you who don’t sleep knowing you owe a lot of money then property investment is probably not for you. However, for those of you that can borrow and are happy to do so the reward can be very great. Let Mobus find the right investment for you.

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