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17 Things to Lookout for When Buying a Townhouse – Part 3

17 Things to Lookout for When Buying a Townhouse – Part 3

Welcome to the final instalment of our 3-part guide on 17 things to lookout for when buying a townhouse. In Part 3 we cover the last few factors that can make or break a good townhouse deal.

Complex size
Aim to buy a townhouse in a complex with a reasonable amount of townhouses and space. You don’t want to buy into a cramped complex crammed full of townhouses without any room to move this is often the reason so many people have negative complex living experience. Investing in a townhouse at River Park Housing Estate can help you avoid this problem.

You want to make sure there is at least one designated parking space for the townhouse and ample visitor parking.

Security should be high on your list of things to consider when looking for a townhouse. You need to lookout for an access controlled complex, with electronic gates, on-site management, security cameras and similar features. Above all a secure suburb should set the tone for your purchase.

A well-presented townhouse tends to have better growth, as well as more appeal. Where possible, try to purchase a townhouse that has a landscaping or grounds-keeping allowance in their body corporate fees.

Research the suburb your potential new home is situated in thoroughly this will help ensure that you aren’t ted into an investment that’s on its way down because the suburb is unstable. Check amenities, predictive growth of the suburb and previous sales history for comparative properties in the suburb.

Vacancy rates
If your potential new home is situated in an estate or complex that is problematic you will know this by the number and frequency of properties up for sale. High vacancy rates are usually an indication that something is off.

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