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17 Things to Lookout for When Buying a Townhouse – Part 2

17 Things to Lookout for When Buying a Townhouse – Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of our 3-part guide on 17 things to lookout for when buying a townhouse. Buying into complex style living can be a complicated process if you don’t know what to look out for so let part 2 of our guide help you get the most out of this investment.

Proximity to amenities
Townhouses that are closer to shopping malls, schools, hospitals etc. generally tend to fill up faster because of their proximity to these necessary amenities because no one wants to be stuck in a fabulous townhouse on the outskirts of town.

Townhouse arrangement
If you can always go for a townhouse with a duplex layout because this means, there are less shared walls. A duplex arrangement gives you more space and keeps your bedrooms away from the rest of your home as these will usually be located upstairs.

Side access
According to property investment experts there is generally more capital growth in a townhouse that has side access as opposed to a townhouse that I sin the middle of a row of townhouses. Generally, townhouses with side access are privy to more natural light and more outdoor space.

Most investment experts agree that you should never pay as much for a townhouse as you would for a house. 15-20% below the average price in the suburb is good.

Most complexes have body corporate charges or levies which they use for the general upkeep and maintenance of the estate or complex. It’s important to weigh these up and make sure that you aren’t paying too much. It’s also a good time to get a read on which maintenance issues you will need to handle yourself.

Built in cupboards, air-conditioning, and a functional kitchen are some of the features that can turn a great townhouse into the luxury abode of your dreams so be sure to look for something with all the bells and whistles that make your life easier. If you’re looking to make money off your purchase, then features like these will fetch a good rental amount.

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