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10 Tips to Transform your Patio – Part 2

10 Tips to Transform your Patio – Part 2

Decorating your new luxury home is an exciting task, however there is one thing new homeowners almost always forget to include during the decorating process.

Your outdoor patio area is as much a part of your home as anything indoors especially if you live in a luxury estate like Richfield Lifestyle Estate so it’s important for you to give it as much attention as the rest of your home.

In Part 2 of our post we look at the remaining 5 tips to help you transform your patio into an outdoor paradise.

Purchase outdoor artwork
You have artwork indoors so why not take the experience to the next level by including a few outdoor pieces. There are countless African inspired pieces that will tie your décor together with a sophisticated edge and are perfect for outdoors. Think along the lines of weather durable wall art, whimsical wall hangings, and wall décor inspired by nature.

Include a hammock or swing
To add to the relaxing environment, you would like to create you can include a hammock or swing, which is great for lazing around and reading a book, sipping a cup of coffee or enjoying a relaxing afternoon nap outdoors. They are great for drawing people outdoors and add a little whimsy to the space.

Invest in an outdoor umbrella or awning
Even if you have a covered patio, chances are you will have an area of open air space nearby that you may want to cover at some point. A giant umbrella or outdoor awning could be just what you need to cast some shade on the kids while they play or on yourself while you work in the garden. They are also quite eye catching.

Don’t leave out the candles and torches
Candles and torches are not only great for creating additional light and ambience but you can use them to repel bugs. Citronella candles in particular are great at doing this and they work well for mosquitos and other bugs. Dining outside during the day? Lighting some candles on the table can help keep the flies at bay, so they are definitely a great investment for your patio décor.

Throw in a living wall
Our last patio décor tip is a special one because could be the one thing that sets your outdoor patio area apart from the rest. A living wall is a self-sufficient vertical garden that you can attach to the exterior or interior of a building. These walls are eye catching because people are simply not used to seeing gardens growing upright. Be sure to do your research and select plans that are suitable for your climate.

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