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10 Things Every Home Should Have – Part 1

10 Things Every Home Should Have – Part 1

Every home should have an air of individuality that can only come from the decorative tastes of the people, but there are certain things that every home should have in them. These things are key essentials and classic items that make up the foundation of a good luxurious home.

In this two-part post, we look at some of these must have items for your home.

Cloth napkins/serviettes
Every self-respecting home owner should have cloth napkins. These add a touch of class and style to your dining room or kitchen, are softer on your face, and are less wasteful than their disposable counterparts.

One set of flannel sheets
You probably won’t need them all year round (depending on where you live), but having at least one set of flannel sheets is a must for those colder months.

A landing strip
Every home should have a designated area or “landing strip” near the front door where you can dump coats, keys and mail when you walk in. This usually takes the form of a landing surface, mirror and coat hooks.

Three lights in every room
Many homes are often under lit. If you don’t have enough lighting, no matter how beautiful your home is there well areas that are dark and shadowy. Avoid this by making sure there are at least three sources of light in every room.

While we are on the importance of light – have dimmers installed in your home for light control. Being able to adjust the lighting in your home can dramatically transform any space. Light control is central to creating a beautiful space.

Click here to find out what else you need to have in your home in Part 2 of this post.

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