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10 Reasons To Consider When Purchasing in a Residential Estate

10 Reasons To Consider When Purchasing in a Residential Estate

Whether you are a first time buyer, or nearing retirement, residential estates offer a fantastic opportunity to experience the perks of living in a comfortable and secure setting.

If you are looking at the possibility of purchasing in a residential estate, then this will obviously be an important purchase that will take careful consideration and research.

Residential Estates are a popular purchase for a number of reasons, therefore before weighing up your options, we here at Mobus Property have come up with ten of the best.


  1. Cost

Cost is an important consideration with any purchase you make, and this will be an important factor when it comes to your home.

Luxury Living is attainable at an affordable price. With a variety of sizes and options available.

  1. Security

Feeling safe in your home is essential, therefore another one of the benefits of residential estate is that they are often thought of as being a safe and secure option.

If you are planning to use your house as a holiday home, then you’ll also want to know that your estate is secure whilst you are away.

  1. Low Maintenance

How old your park home is will often determine how much work it will need to keep it maintained.

Generally, though, Residential Estates, and in particular newly built ones will be almost maintenance free, and majority of the estate management will be done through the managing agents.

  1. Variety of locations

Another advantage of purchasing in an estate is that they are located in various area of the country, you really do have a huge variety of choices!

Whether you fancy escaping the hustle and bustle of the city and want to retreat to somewhere quieter, or perhaps you’d like to be situated near a town where there’s a bit going on to keep you entertained, the decision really is up to you.

  1. Community Spirit

The sense of community spirit that is offered in a residential estate is another great reason as to why you might consider buying.

Although estates can offer a peaceful environment to be situated at, the possibility of meeting new people who are perhaps similar in age or circumstance to you means that estate living can be very sociable.

Many parks also offer activities and secure social areas to suit different age groups giving you more opportunities to mingle with the other residents.

  1. Space

With so many options available to purchase you can truly choose the perfect size home for you and your budget. Residential estates also tend to be detached meaning you have the privacy of being able to enjoy your own space.

As many homes come with small gardens, this gives a great opportunity to enjoy the outdoors but also a space which you can manage and maintain easily.

  1. Possibility to Rent

If you are purchasing in an estate but would be looking to use it as a holiday home or perhaps you know that you might not be there for a few weeks throughout the year, then another great option is to rent it out.

  1. Eco Friendliness

Newly built homes are often built using sustainable materials meaning that they are healthier for the environment and eco-friendlier.

However not only will you be reducing your carbon footprint, but residential estates are built to be more energy efficient and better insulated.

Whether this is through the installation of more efficient boilers or energy saving features around the home, this will also help to reduce your energy bills too!

  1. Modern and Spacious Designs

Many newly built homes offer a more contemporary design which is great if you want to move in straight away and not have to worry about decorating and spending money on giving it a revamp.

Also with newer homes, they are designed in mind of being comfortable and convenient to use, extending from the layout of the home.

  1. Return on Investment

You might be a first time buyer and considering a residential estate to be your first home purchase. If this is the case and you do decide to sell in the future, knowing that you would get great returns on your investment is important.

With demand always being higher on residential estates you can be sure that it is a great investment opportunity.

One such residential estate currenlty on the market is Richfield Manor:

Based in Accra’s fastest growing Middle to Upper income community, East Legon Hills/Santeo. Prices vary from $120k USD – $300k USD, its status is associated with the MOBUS brand, a bastion of luxury.

Richfield Manor Richfield Manor’s ethos encompasses the credo of the Denkyem “crocodile” as a West African symbol of adaptability – the crocodile lives in the water yet breathes the air, demonstrating an ability to adapt to circumstances. Life in Richfield Manor encourages adaptability to the environment and the architectural response to the surrounding by the river and to create interactive environmental living space. Richfield Manor – Pristine Luxury Living.


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